Teen Way Off Broadway

Teen Way Off Broadway 2001

This is WAY, WAY off Broadway! In fact, it is in a galaxy far, far, away. Actually it is down to our interdependent SUUSI Earth, on Friday night at Burruss Hall. This year's play was based on a cartoon character: Scooby-DUU. The plot was similar to many Teens Way Off Broadway in the past - someone out there is trying to stop SUUSI from happening. The Teens in this workshop work all week on the play and then present it to all of SUUSI on the evening of the last full day. The result is a good ending to the week from a presentation which in the past has brought extraterrestrials (The UU Files), SUUS-Eye knights (Return of the UUs), and the Grinch (The Grinch who stole SUUSI) to SUUSI. Who knows what TWOB will bring to SUUSI next year?

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